How to develop in a society with serious class differentiation


If you can't become the biggest "leader", then become a small "leader" first and slowly accumulate game chips; Either seize the weakness of the opponent, gain the game advantage from the part, and then turn over and become the biggest "guide". The way out for small brands can be to start joining early, be their own developers, share the risk downward, and then achieve brand effect through the increase of franchised stores, and in turn ask for preferential conditions from the mall. Or figure out the landlord's needs in order to get an absolute role in the competition.

For example, many shopping malls now need a two-dimensional IP concept, and if you can tell a story that convinces the landlord, you can get very good conditions. Because in order to attract customer traffic, many shopping malls are willing to sacrifice small interests and obtain greater returns for the entire mall. Now, it is popular for shopping malls to pay some IP operators to hold exhibitions to attract young people. If you think about it from another perspective, as these IP operation and exhibition companies, they can not only get free exhibition sales peripherals, but also get IP licensing fees from the mall.

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A physical project, if it can be rent-free, can still get subsidies, or at worst, can win preferential terms based on turnover, it cannot be said that it will win, at least you are already "invincible". This "guide" status is not out of reach, but often simply because of laziness. Who has weaknesses and who is at a disadvantage in the competition. This is a loophole in the rules, smart people know how to do things smart.

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Those who always like extreme operations, always invest all their money at once, and always think that they can escape the ascension every time to create miracles, are not in awe of the law of large numbers and objective laws. In fact, there are many opportunities in a lifetime, and most people only invest a few times and lose all their chips, so that they will never be able to turn over. In a sense, entrepreneurship is an operations research science that finds the optimal solution within limited resources.

Don't do something that you don't lead yourself, because the probability of success is too low, and once you fail, you will pay a huge sunk cost and opportunity cost. Because when you are at the end of the information chain, in the fog of war, your available resources will be destroyed by the "leader" at any time with thunderous momentum.

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We must do what we are sure of, although the chance of success is very small, but the chance of success is many, we don't want to invest all your net worth at one time because of one thing, that will cause an indelible impact, will make you yourself doomed.