Do you really know the trap of insurance?


Insurance is important, but the trap in the policy are the reason why many people resist insurance. In our lives, it is very important to have several types of insurance, such as critical illness insurance and medical insurance, which are health protection that each of us needs.

Do you know what a critical illness insurance trap is?

The treatment method does not meet the insurance requirements and will not be compensated. At present, there are similar provisions in the critical illness insurance policies of various insurance companies that require patients to be treated according to the surgical methods required by the terms in order to get paid, but many of them are outdated treatment methods, such as cancer biopsy.This examination method excludes cancers with a relatively high incidence (such as lung cancer, stomach cancer, esophageal cancer, etc.) and early-stage cancers, that is, patients can only wait until the advanced stage to go to the hospital for examination, otherwise the insurance company will not compensate.

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Many of the additional liabilities of this insurance may not be true, insurance companies have additional liabilities in addition to insurance liabilities, so that policyholders mistakenly believe that the more additional liabilities, the greater the value they buy, but in fact, many of these additional liabilities are meaningless.For example, some insurance companies treat the "waiver of unpaid premiums after serious illness" as "another insurance liability."

According to some policy provisions, it is possible that after the settlement of the critical illness claim, the contractual liability has been terminated, the insurance company no longer bears any coverage, and the policyholder is no longer obliged to pay premiums.In addition, some insurance companies include "total disability liability" in the scope of "full benefit insurance". People who do not have the concept of "total disability" will definitely find this responsibility very advantageous, but in fact, people are not easy to be "completely disabled", The extra premiums are a waste of our money.

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Greater coverage is not more useful.In order to compete for customers, insurance companies often make a big fuss about serious illness insurance, dividing the types of major diseases into dozens and even promoting critical illness insurance that can cover more than 500 diseases. Many people may think that the more serious the illness covered by insurance, the better, but this is not the case.For example, the policy covers only 10 diseases, of which serious diseases such as "cancer", although only two words, cover almost all subdivided cancer types. Critical illness insurance claims to cover more than 30 critical illnesses and does not necessarily cover other types of cancer that are referred to only by the word "cancer." Therefore, the coverage rate of only 10 critical diseases is not necessarily lower than that of dozens of specific diseases.If you encounter such a policy, reject it immediately.There are many unexpected pitfalls in insurance, which can lead us astray, so when choosing insurance, we must keep our eyes open and carefully review each clause of the insurance

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