Aren't you going to have "guide thinking" yet?


In our real life, due to the rapid economic development, a batch of successful people emerged, but when the successful people emerged, they all stepped on our shoulders to climb up, so how did these successful people succeed?

All successful people, they have a successful thinking - "guide thinking", this thinking, what prompts them to do things is, they like to grasp the right to speak, in a thing, take an absolute guiding role, and most of the bottom people do not have their kind of thinking, so we can only be guided by them, and eventually become a stepping stone for the successful, then how will the successful generally guide you, and finally promote the success of things?

For example, if you have opened a physical store, you will find that the lease contract you signed with the landlord is a naked "unequal treaty". Your every move may be subject to the approval of the mall, which reserves the right to deduct your deposit at any time without its consent. If you don't continue to open a physical store, not only will the landlord not refund you the full deposit. You will find that the deposit in most rental contracts has been deducted and you will have to pay additional liquidated damages.

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And the landlord will also let you spend money to dismantle the renovation that used to cost a lot of money, labor and garbage removal are a lot of money.

Then why are you willing to sign such an unequal treaty with a landlord?Because there is a huge information asymmetry between you and the landlord, the general shopping mall has a professional investment department, these merchants they have stable customers, and at the same time there are a large number of different people to give them quotations, what they have to do is to stimulate the competition of these potential tenants, so as to achieve the most advantageous position in the game.

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And you can only rely on the approximate flow of people and vacancy in the mall to calculate the landlord's hole card, because you have no experience, do not have a lot of shopping mall resources on hand, do not know anything about the operation data of the mall, the mall investors tempt you, tell you that if you do not make a decision, the store with good customer flow will be selected by others, so that down, you can only obediently enter their trap.

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In our lives, there are many such examples, most of them have a fluke mentality, they think they are smart and can guess the idea of the "leader", but in fact, the reality is that they have tempted you, fallen into their trap, and are at their mercy, so what you can do is always stay sober, keep your own economic ideas, implement your own ideas, and act accordingly according to your own ideas, so as to avoid falling into the trap of "leader" and succeed.