How to judge your success or failure


Doing any business is actually the same, and the reason it's easy to make money is that many of them bring the self-employed and newbies together to make money from it.Although the business of serving large enterprises is large, it is not profitable. Because large enterprise customers have a department dedicated to procurement, there is no information asymmetry, the price is too transparent, and providing services to large enterprises is equivalent to "moving bricks", which is very tiring.

For example, moving goods from your own warehouse to the customer's warehouse actually earns a logistics service fee in the middle. If you advance funds, you actually earn interest, and the risk is still very high in case the customer runs away.

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Doing this kind of business is actually just the level of "doing things", and in a traditional Red Sea industry with no room for imagination, there is absolutely no possibility of financial freedom. Only when the kind of "novice entrepreneurs" who appear every now and forth come to buy goods, they don't understand the concept, and then pay for the goods before taking the goods, so that we can make a lot of money from it If your business model can be a real-world leader, you'll be successful when you compete with the company.

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Leave the risk exposure to others, and leave the power of life and death to yourself.

The essence of small startups is not to make money, more to consume, most of the time, they just spend money to experience the feeling of being a boss.Because according to their knowledge, experience, resources and abilities, it is impossible to make money in this life. Many business models themselves let small investment firms into the game" because they can get a high premium for these newbies.

The mall as a whole is a competitive game, you earn one more dollar, others earn one less dollar, others earn one more dollar, you earn one less dollar. The so-called win-win cooperation can only be established on a small scale. Two companies, one has a product, the other has traffic, the two families cooperate to sell to consumers at the highest price, these two companies are win-win, but consumers pay IQ tax.

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Guides and investors are at the opposite pole of information asymmetry and risk asymmetry, and when you put the power of life and death in the hands of leaders, you are already in a dangerous situation of ambush on all sides. For example, if several people partner to start a company, the majority shareholder has the most shares and voice, and controls the business, in this case, the majority shareholder is the "leader", although the minority shareholder has some power in name, it is in a completely unequal position with the majority shareholder.When we invest in goods or shops, we must pay attention to our identity and do not expose our shortcomings, so that we can achieve the ultimate victory in this competitive game.