Did you really buy the right insurance?


Insurance has been accepted by more and more people, and more and more people are aware of the importance of insurance.

Therefore, it is a very meaningful thing to buy insurance to protect your own life and allow yourself to be able to transfer your own risks when an accident occurs. In terms of insurance, what kind of insurance to buy, long-term or short-term? Not everyone knows this.

So do you really know how to buy insurance?

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1. Product update conditions are very important

Whether you can apply for insurance after medical insurance reimbursement depends on the renewal conditions and the review of the insurance company, and is generally divided into the following two situations:

1) Guaranteed renewal, if the million medical insurance is guaranteed to be renewed for three years, five years, six years, ten years, fifteen years, twenty years, it can be re-insured after reimbursement during the renewal period, even if the product is discontinued during the renewal period, it can be renewed until the expiration of the renewal period.If the renewal method is to promise to renew the insurance to the specified age, you can reapply for insurance after reimbursement of medical expenses, and once the product is discontinued, you can no longer apply for insurance.

2) There is no guarantee of renewal, if there is no guarantee of renewing Million Medical Insurance, the insurance company needs to re-examine and evaluate after reimbursement, and the insurance company can continue to apply for insurance after consent, otherwise it can no longer be insured.

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2. The deductible should be as low as possible

Generally, the actual benefit amount is equal to the remaining amount after Medicare reimbursement minus the deductible. Currently, most medical insurance plans have a general medical deductible of 10,000$, and the critical illness medical deductible is usually 0$.The amount of medical insurance reimbursement depends on the actual situation, and the reimbursement rate will generally vary according to whether there is social insurance. If the consumer has social security and reimburses medical expenses through social security first, then Medicare can reimburse 100% of the medical expenses that are not reimbursed after the deductible. If the consumer does not have Social Security, then Medicare can reimburse 60% of the medical expenses, which is the remaining cost after deduction.

3. Whether the purchased drugs or special drugs can be reimbursed

In the treatment of many major diseases, many drugs need to be purchased from outside the hospital, and the price will be relatively high. Most health insurance can reimburse the purchased drugs or special drugs, greatly reducing the financial burden on patients.

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In our real life, you never know when the risk will come, so you can only prevent the risk. At this time, a suitable insurance for yourself will play an unexpected role, but when we choose insurance, we must choose the insurance that suits us, so that we will benefit endlessly, on the contrary, we waste both time and money, and when difficulties come, we cannot get the protection we deserve.