As a young person, how should buy fund after all?


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The epidemic is taking on a global pandemic trend. Although China has gradually returned to normal, foreign markets have been in panic due to various manipulations, and stock markets in various countries have collapsed. We have also witnessed history. The general trend, A shares are difficult to avoid. But A shares themselves are bear market, no matter how to fall, also can not fall that situation of the United States.

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So, novice small white buy fund to need to pay attention to which a few points? The first is how to avoid losses. The core principle of fund making money is to buy low and sell high. This principle also applies to most investment projects, but after novice small white practice, will find this rule difficult to grasp. I remember my friends asked me, said that they know to buy low and sell high, but when is low and when is high can not see ah, in fact, this is also a common problem of novice white, is because there is no experience and ability, lack of knowledge of financial theory and investment strategy, often dominated by emotions, so will often come out of this "clearly do but is not effective" situation. The correct way is to learn the knowledge related to financial management scientifically and objectively, first have a perfect theoretical cognition of investment and financial management, and then learn practical operation skills from professional leaders, and carry out different strategies for different market fluctuations.

How to use fund financial management to continue to produce money? The most recommended novice friends, or choose the fund to cast! Try to ask a fund financial management is not enough to understand, do not know how to judge the market, choose the method of fund cast, is it the most suitable? And fund fixed investment can avoid because of emotion and misjudgment caused by income reduction and even loss of principal, but also can amortize the cost, against the risk, effectively avoid high buy! Some times the fund is still linked to the luck of people, it is inevitable that there will be bad luck sometimes, so regular investment can effectively avoid the mistake of adding positions, wrong chase up and kill down!

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Now how to play the long game. The first is to ensure enough positions. My current position is less than half. A lot of people asked me if I panicked, if I could stand up again. I never answer, I have experienced the big rise and fall in the past few years, and now there are positions on hand, panic what? Second, be prepared to spend a long time. If it's down one year, down two years, can you still afford to use energy? Finally, it is to maintain a good mood, two points a day again look, play funds and not fry stocks, do not have to stare. If you feel anxious, simply uninstall the software and watch it once a week.