Exercise the "guide" mentality and become your own master


Everyone who can achieve financial freedom has a characteristic, that is, they all have "bookmaker thinking" "Banker" is a dynamically adjusted game thinking habit; "Market makers" are the dominant position of static games, but most of the time, they are low-level investors and cannot naturally obtain the dominant position. At this time, "dominant" thinking is required.

If you are not a "leader", in a world full of stock fights and other people making rules, your chances of survival are negligible, let alone development.Therefore, the "dominant" thinking is a way to unify the "philosophy of survival" and the "philosophy of development" of life to win. By becoming a "leader", you can gain an edge in a variety of games to reduce or pass on your own risks and maximize the input-output ratio.

So what is a "dominant"?

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Before the advent of the modern legal society, the fastest way to accumulate wealth was, in the final analysis, "robbery" and "deception", and then vested interests, in order to protect their victories, would begin to formulate laws and regulations, and it was difficult for future generations to have the opportunity to carry out primitive accumulation in a bloody way. Simply relying on one's own diligence and a little cleverness, it is difficult to achieve financial freedom under the conditions of pure marketization, which is also an important reason for class solidification.

However, in the long run, people at different levels are still moving slowly, and there are always some people who use their "dominant talents" to gradually climb up. Of course, the quickest way to achieve financial freedom is through wealth transfer rather than wealth creation, and becoming dominant is the best way to achieve wealth transfer within the rules of the game.

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The leader, to some extent, is "legal" "robbery" and "fraud". Although the people at the lower levels lost their property, the leader played completely within the scope of the rules, and the people at the bottom could only gamble and lose.The most common example is: shopping malls attracting investment.Shopping malls are naturally the biggest beneficiaries, and these Starbucks, KFC, Wal-Mart and other hypermarkets You see, these so-called "main stores" are invited by big bookmakers to "work together". Usually shopping malls will give them a lot of rent-free periods and even decoration subsidies. After getting the main store, there will naturally be a bunch of "followers" of the main store, these "institutions" and "big households" occupy the best entrance to the mall, raise the rent of the mall, and the rest can charge high rents to the self-employed. They used prices above the market, did the most tiring work, and began the long entrepreneurial process. For shopping malls, they don't care about the life and death of small owners and small brands, and they even hope that self-employed people can pour more frequently to keep the mall fresh for customers.Self-employed or small brand physical stores are basically in a weak position in the game with the mall, and the mall is basically in an "invincible position" in this game.

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