You may not survive without million medical insurance


In recent years, Million Medical Insurance has become a phenomenal Internet celebrity product, mainly because everyone can use it, everyone can afford it, and the protection seems to be relatively comprehensive. Our country has a lot of population and national health insurance covers almost everyone, but our health care is far less powerful than we think. Medical insurance not only has a payment threshold, but also a reimbursement ceiling, even within the scope of medical insurance reimbursement, different levels of hospital reimbursement ratio will have different gradients, the rest still need to be paid by patients.

Most importantly, in the self-payment section, many life-saving drugs and imported drugs cannot be reimbursed through medical insurance, which is determined by the characteristics of wide medical insurance coverage and low protection.

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So what is the use of the million medical insurance we have purchased?

Due to the narrow scope of reimbursement, the national medical insurance with a low reimbursement ratio is difficult to meet our medical needs, so million medical insurance has become one of the standards for purchasing commercial insurance, the existence of Wanyi is to make up for the lack of medical insurance, it can solve the insured due to accidental hospitalization caused by various medical expenses.

It's important to note that instead of reimbursing the money you pay for your visit, Million Medicare reimburses hospitalization expenses. Simply put, after the social security reimbursement during hospitalization, the remaining million medical insurance expenses come in handy. Million medical insurance covers up to 1 million, which is generally different from small inpatient medical insurance.In terms of price, million-dollar medical insurance is relatively cheap, young people only need one or two hundred yuan a year, an average of a few cents a day.

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So how to choose insurance?

Pay attention to the four basic guarantees.

No matter which insurance product you choose, you should focus on comparing basic benefits. Million Medical Insurance has four basic benefits, namely inpatient medical treatment, special outpatient treatment, outpatient emergency before and after hospitalization, and outpatient surgery.Each of these four basic guarantees is indispensable and must be compared with the detailed protection content below. For example, inpatient and outpatient services include bed fees, meals, surgical fees, testing fees, treatment fees, etc.

When we compare, the more comprehensive and practical the scope covered by each basic guarantee of nature, the better. This way, there are more options for reimbursement coverage when actually using Medicare.In addition, you should also pay attention to the reimbursement limit for each expense in each basic benefit and give preference to no limit or higher.

Check whether the insurance has value-added services

Insurance companies will provide many value-added services for patients who have purchased millions of medical insurance, such as medical fee advance, green channel for medical treatment, and so on.These services can provide great convenience when seeking medical treatment.As the name suggests, it covers more coverage, which can better protect your medical expenses when you are sick, and make your life smooth sailing.

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