How to Be a determined investor


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Friends or relatives may advise you to stay away from the stock market, and they may even caution you that investing in stocks is like gambling. Because the stock market is not much safer than a casino, they may use real examples to prove their opinion. We can also use this table above to refute these people's arguments. If the stock market is a casino, then why is he still so popular and the returns are still so high after all these years.

Make a firm plan

When people continue to lose money in the stock market, it is not the fault of the stock, the value of stocks in general rises over time, 99% of the cases of losing money. It is because investors do not make an investment plan, they buy at high prices, and when the stock adjusts, they are often impatient and not patient enough. Or they are too frightened and hastily sell again at a low price. They are, in essence, buying high and selling low, and you should not make the same mistake. What you need is to make your own investment plan and be a committed investor.

Stay true to your stock

For investing in stocks, you may need to stick to them for twenty years or more. Because of the choice of stocks, it takes long enough to recover and the profitability of the investment needs to accumulate day by day. The 11% annual return is a record for the stock market since the past, although no one can accurately predict the future, but has been past experience, if holding stocks for twenty years can obtain an annual return on investment of 11%, the investor's initial investment of $10,000, will become $80,623.

To get such a high return on investment, you should be faithful to the stocks you buy, like being faithful to a marriage. Because you have done your best, the marriage between your money and your investment can only be achieved by holding patiently to your stock talent. Sometimes, it is not the investment wisdom but the discipline of investment that determines the good highs and lows of an investor.

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Believe in yourself

Do not trust the constructive offers that make you sell your stock, be a committed investor and stay true to your stock, this is fifty years ago a stockbroker gave him advice inside his classic book, and still applies today.

People are often looking for all kinds of noise Wall Street secret, in fact, the best secret has always been to choose a profitable company's stock to hold for a long time, the stock price decline is not a good reason to sell.

It is so easy to boast of being a long-term investor, in fact, it is now hard to find someone who does not say that they are a long-term investor, but when the day of stock market adjustment, the real test has just begun.

So, if you want to get the most out of your investment, the best way to do it is to buy and hold for the long term. You may experience a correction, but as long as you don't sell out, you won't have a real loss. The idea? You get the full, complete feast of stories.

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